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Budget Preparation Services

Do you need help with preparing an annual budget?

  • Looking at last year we will assemble a budget.
  • Reviewing it we will remove one-time transactions.
  • Cancel subscriptions that are not needed.

Every month we are delighted to meet with our clients to discuss financial reports.  In this meeting, you can expect we will review the following.

  • Prior month to this month,
  • Current year to date versus budget,
  • Strategy around dividend disclosure,
  • Current year month by month versus budgeted results.

The larger the size of your company the more accounting reports might be needed so you can use our reporting data to make strategic company decisions to maximize your company growth.


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    Cash Flow Projection

    One service many people do not know we offer is our G.Synergy Tax, CPA Cash Flow Model. This is a fascinating report that can help you manage your cash flow so there are no short falls which can cause great stress.

    KPI and Score Cards

    KPI or key performance indicators are an interesting way to measure your employee’s performance. Sophisticated score cards can be developed and you can use them as an objective way to view both company goals and individual performance on the job.  Knowing these figures can help you set up employee rewards and recognition programs to foster a positive culture.

    Soft Collections

    It is not easy to collect money that is owed.  But it is a necessary in order to keep your accounts up to date. We have a very soft approach that your clients will appreciate.  Sometimes, things have just fallen through the cracks and your clients need to be reminded. We can take this task off your plate. Ask us about this service any time. We would be delighted to help you.

    Temporary Accounting Manager / Controller

    What happens when your accountant suddenly leaves your company? You do not want to hire fast just to fill a gap. You need to find the right person for your company culture.  That’s where we can come in.  We can bridge the gap and act as a temporary Accounting Manager or Controller who can help you with your monthly reporting, budget preparation and statutory filing.

    Accounting Software

    We are Quick Books Online Certified  and Pro Advisor Certified Excel.  We use traditional programs such as Word, Acrobat PDF and Power Point.  In addition, we are proficient at:

    • Quick Books Desktop, 
    • Simply Accounting, 
    • Sage.

    For tax and financial statements preparations we use:

    • ProFile Software for tax preparations
    • Case Ware for financial statements preparation.

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