Behind on Filing Your Taxes?

If You Have Not Filed Your Corporate Tax in a Few Years, G. Synergy Tax, CPA Inc. Can Help!

Are you behind a few years with your corporate tax filing? We can help your business get caught up quickly and easily with our proven accounting systems. We deal with multiple years with one simple process. If you file your own corporate taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will want you to fill out one form for each year. This paperwork can be daunting and maybe the reason you have put off corporate tax filing. We can make filing multiple corporate tax years simple. Our completely digital approach allows us to prepare your corporate taxes over multiple years in an efficient and practical manner.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Tax Team leads the process for you. We collect all the needed information from our Clients using government-approved forms. Plus, we make sure each and every Client understands the implication of each tax filing. To do this we have three specific personal touch points.

  1. Before tax preparation we make sure to gather all the required information from our Client. We do not want to just gather the paperwork, instead, we want to make sure we gather enough business history and information to thoroughly understand your needs and goals.
  2. During the actual corporate tax preparation, we keep in touch with our clients, informing them of our progress and completion of each necessary stage.
  3. Finally, before we file your corporate taxes, we review the financial statements and tax calculated. We believe it is important that our Client understands our documents and that they have a chance to ask any business or tax-related questions. We strive to keep our Clients both informed and educated on their corporate tax filing.

Why Choose Us for Your Corporate Tax Filing?

Here at G. Synergy Tax, CPA Inc. we pay special attention to businesses that have not filed their tax in a few years because we know this can weigh heavy on any business owner. We want to reassure you, we have the accounting skills to lift this burden from your shoulders and help you become compliant with all the necessary government reporting. It’s one of the areas where we really shine.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Our core values carry right through our corporate tax reporting process:


If your business has been operating without corporate tax filing, we can quickly get you compliant with all the necessary government reporting. This is a vital part of doing business and it builds corporate integrity.

Mutual Respect

We respect your decision to be compliant with the government and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve this goal.

Synergy with Our Clients

Only the accounting Team will work with you to accomplish your tax goals. We work hard to create synergy with all our Clients. We do not work independently. We work for your company as a team.

Forward Thinking

Finally, we focus on financial solutions that emphasize both sustainability and growth. In order to achieve sustainable corporate growth, knowing where you stand with your corporate tax filing is foundational. Accomplishing this goal, helps our Clients build a solid, sustainable business.