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    G.Synergy Tax, CPA Believes in The Light That Lives in You and Your Company!

    Entrepreneurs and business owners are passionate about what they do and what inspires them. We believe in you and want you to spend your time doing what’s best for your business. While we are compiling your financial data, we free you up to work on what “lights you up”.

    A Bright Light in The Accounting World

    Our staff are all “bright lights” in the accounting world. Our owner, Gordana has 25+ years as a Finance Director / Controller at large corporations and her own accounting firm. She can offer so much more in reports that can help show you where you currently are financially and how you can grow from here.


    G.Synergy Tax, CPA Can Lead Your Company Out of Financial Darkness and Into the Light!

    Many people are in the dark when it comes to accounting and Compilation Financial Reports, because they don’t understand exactly what is needed this task falls to the bottom of the pile. We can help you change all that! Business owners need these reports so they can show lenders and investors the inner workings of their business so they can obtain the capital they need.

    Accounting and Compilation Financial Reports at The Speed of Light

    Our 25 years of accounting experience lets us get financial reporting done at lightning speed, so you are always on time to meet your deadline.


    G.Synergy Tax, CPA Is Focused on Financial Solutions For Your Business’ Sustainability and Growth!

    We focus on financial solutions for business’ sustainability and growth. That means we can look and prepare Compilation Financial Reports that a lender or investor may need for you to obtain more capital. Plus, it does not stop there. Our forward thinking about your company’s growth and profitability can be determined by both cash flow reports and wise budgeting that reveals what is to be added or subtracted for sustainable growth. We are your accounting and tax partner.

    G.Synergy Tax, CPA Is Focused on Zero-Carbon Footprint.

    We can help any business get on board with the same commitment when they come to us for their accounting or tax services. We have no hard copies. No paper. No shredding. All documents are signed digitally and stored safely with our four level back up system.


    What is the difference between NTR (Notice to Reader) and a Compilation Financial Report?

    Prior to December 2021, a Compilation Financial Report was referred to as a Notice to Reader Engagement (NTR).

    A Notice to Reader accompanied an un-audited set of finance statements compiled in accordance with basic accounting principles. In contrast, a Compilation Financial Report is more thorough than the NTR and presents the financial information of the business in a logical and coherent format in accordance with basic principles of accounting. This ultimately provides more information for discussion for both the management of the business and the readers of the report.

    Even though the report provides no assurance or guarantee of accuracy, lenders and third parties rely on them as they do provide more in-depth reviews and documentation than a company’s internal financial records.

    This newly updated standard is designed to provide more report clarity and reliability for all readers.

    What is the difference between internal Financial Statements and a Compilation Financial Report?

    Internal Financial Statements are solely prepared based on the information provided by the company, such as transactions, bank statements and trial balances. These statements are considered the most unreliable of all financial statements.  For a Compilation Financial Report, an accountant takes the prepared financial statements and reviews and finalizes the statements for the company and ensures that the appropriate accounting standards are followed and that the financial statements are reported in the correct format.

     For both internally prepared Financial Statements and the Compilation Financial Report there is no assurance given to the client on the accuracy of the statements provided.

    Why does a business owner need a Compilation Report and/or Financial Statement prepared by a CPA?

    Business owners need a Chartered Professional Accountant with financial knowledge and a CPA compilation license to prepare their financial statements so that they are in alignment with the appropriate financial reporting framework. These statements are then gathered into a Compilation Financial Report that can be sent out to anyone who needs to review a company’s financial statements and information.

     CPA’s are required to conform to both ethical codes and rules when creating Financial Statements and/or Compilation Financial Reports. Since business owners are not bound under these codes of ethics and professionalism, they are not allowed to create a Compilation Financial Report themselves.

     Compilation Financial Reporting is the minimum financial report needed by any potential partner, investor or lender.

    How do we create a Compilation Report from internal prepared Financial Statement?

    A Compilation Financial Report is done by a Chartered Professional Accountant who assists the client’s management in preparing the Financial Statements from internally generated financial information. The accountant then uses these internally prepared Financial Statements to provide a Compilation Financial Report.

     The compilation report should include essential elements like statements that the internally generated financial statements are:

    • the responsibility of the company management;
    • that the accountant has compiled the statements;
    • that the accountant did not perform a review or an audit;
    • and that the accountant expresses no opinion on the statements;
    • and the report is signed and dated by the accountant.

    Once again in the Compilation Financial Report it is stated that there is no assurance or guaranteed of the accuracy and completeness of the information compiled.

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