Corporate Tax Filing to Grow Your Small Business

For incorporated small business owners who need tax preparation and filing services for CRA, we are your affordable small business choice.

Financial Statements and Tax Preparation Process

  • After all accounts are reconciled, balanced to the external documents we review and prepare the first draft financial statement.
  • We then send the draft documents to the client for review i.e. The first financial statement draft, and first tax summary draft.
  • Once our client has reviewed the details and is happy to proceed, we review each file again prior to completion.
  • After final review is done the financial statements are presented to the client at a face-to- face meeting in our office in North Vancouver, Zoom meeting or over the phone.
  • Each file is then electronically submitted to CRA and followed up to download notice of assessment (NOA), and if there are any changes those are communicated in person to our valuable clients.
  • We check our clients CRA account a few times per year. This is to ensure all payments are processed and applied correctly on CRA account and clients books.


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    Our Tax Preparation & Filing Services

    Individual Tax Preparation and Filing

    Navigating the Canadian tax landscape as an individual can be intricate. Our T1 personal income tax return service ensures accurate reporting of your earnings, deductions, and credits. For the self-employed, we offer specialized services to optimize deductions and minimize liabilities. Additionally, for those with overseas income, we provide expert guidance on declarations, ensuring compliance with Canadian tax laws.

    Business Tax Preparation and Filing

    Businesses, whether large corporations or small enterprises, have unique tax obligations in Canada. Our T2 corporate tax return service is tailored to ensure businesses meet their fiscal responsibilities while maximizing available benefits. Trusts, with their distinct tax structure, can rely on our T3 return expertise. For partnerships, our T5013 information return service ensures all financial activities are transparent and compliant.

    GST/HST Return Filing

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) are integral components of Canada’s tax system. Our GST/HST return service assists businesses in accurate quarterly filings, ensuring they remain in good standing with the CRA. Additionally, we help businesses claim Input Tax Credits (ITCs) effectively, turning potential tax burdens into business assets.

    Provincial and Territorial Tax Services

    Beyond federal obligations, businesses in Canada must also navigate provincial and territorial tax nuances. Our provincial corporate tax service is designed to align with each province’s unique regulations. For those provinces with a Provincial Sales Tax (PST), we offer dedicated filing services, ensuring businesses remain compliant at both the federal and provincial levels.

    Tax Planning and Consultation

    Effective tax planning can transform how businesses and individuals approach their financial futures. Our tax planning service offers year-end strategies tailored to Canadian tax laws, ensuring optimal financial positioning. For those planning retirement, we provide insights on leveraging RRSPs and other Canadian retirement tools to secure a comfortable future.

    Tax Resolution Services

    Encounters with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) can be daunting. Whether it’s an audit or a notice of assessment, our tax resolution service offers expert representation and guidance. For those who may have missed previous filings or need to correct past returns, our Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) assistance ensures a smooth path to compliance.

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